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Fabrizio Fanucci

Fabrizio Fanucci


Fabrizio Fanucci was born in Florence on October 3rd, 1956. His father owned the restaurant of the club Circolo Tennis Firenze, so little Fabrizio first approached this sport when he was 6 years old.  He was soon called up in the FIT College in Formia (Lazio), where he stayed for 3 years. In 1975, he started to play in the first category, the beginning of ten years particularly intense, while in 1982, few months after winning against a player the likes of John Alexander, he reached number 309 in world ranking.

In the meantime, he began to work as a coach, his great passion. His adventure started at the club Circolo Tennis Firenze and continued at Match Ball – always in Florence – until 1994, when he moved to Centro Tecnico Cesenatico (Cesena). In 2000, he got the National Trainer qualification. Filippo Volandri’s long-time trainer, Fabrizio Fanucci took Italian players like Potito Starace, Daniele Bracciali and Federico Luzzi, in addition to the Rumanian Adrian Ungur, into the top 100 in the world. Experience made him find in complicity his philosophy: “it takes time to form a professional player, creating a connection that goes beyond everything else”. 

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